Ohio Amish Country Quilts and Crafts

Scenic Quilts and Crafts in Ohio Amish Country

According to the Ohio Amish country guide,  shoppers looking for handmade quilts and other local crafts on the back roads of Amish Country will enjoy this stop in a quiet Ohio location. The name describes the setting: Scenic Quilts and Crafts perches on a hillside in Farmerstown, Ohio, overlooking the rural countryside and white farmhouses of Holmes County. The small shop is located on a state highway, yet it seems out-of-the-way, apart from the constant traffic and busyness of better-known shopping areas in Ohio’s Amish Country. This quilt shop is not a stop for every one. Those uninterested in fabric

Cool Cleveland Neighborhoods

Coolest Cleveland Neighborhoods

Explore Cleveland off the beaten track and visit the coolest neighborhoods in the city. Visitors to Cleveland looking for something off the beaten path will be happy to discover that beyond the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame there are many bohemian and arty neighborhoods in the city, each with its own unique character and charm. Cleveland is a diverse city with many ethnicities and the neighborhoods of Cleveland reflect this. Here are a few cool, arty and ethnic neighborhoods to explore on your visit to Cleveland. Waterloo Road in Collinwood Cleveland’s Newest Arts and Entertainment District Waterloo Road in

Hungarian Restaurants Cleveland

Hungarian Restaurants in the Cleveland, Ohio Area

Cleveland has one of the largest Hungarian populations in North America, and as a result, offers a bevy of authentic Hungarian restaurants. The city of Cleveland is nestled along the southern shore of Lake Erie near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, approximately an hour west of the Pennsylvania border. Those looking to savor the authentic and mouthwatering cuisines of Hungary have numerous places to choose from in the Cleveland area, which at one point featured the largest population of Hungarians in the world outside of Budapest. Little Budapest Restaurant‎ This quaint mom-and-pop-style bistro is just a simple brick building

Cleveland Romantic Weekend

A Romantic Weekend in Cleveland

Valentine’s Day Vacations in Northeast Ohio Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year making it a wonderful time for a weekend getaway. Cleveland and the surrounding area offer many opportunities for romance. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic of all holidays. Consequently, many choose this day to propose marriage, while others view it as a perfect opportunity to rekindle the spark in their relationship. No matter one’s status or position in the love department, romantic vacations are a wonderful way to celebrate the day of Saint Valentine. Romantic Lodging in the Cleveland Area Whether looking for seclusion, or the

Visit Lake Erie Ohio

Visit Lake Erie in Ohio

A visit to the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio can be a fun family event. There are beaches, sand dunes, fishing, parks and more. Taking a trip to one of the many beaches along the shores of Lake Erie can be a fun-filled day for the entire family. Pack plenty of sand toys, inner tubes, rafts, sand chairs, and sunscreen and head out for one of the sandy beaches of the eleventh largest lake in the world.. Build a sandcastle, get a tan, play in the waves, and–there are no sharks. One of the most popular beaches is Headlands

Cleveland's East & West Side

Cleveland’s East & West Side Neighborhoods

University Circle, Tremont, Old Brooklyn, Ohio City, and Coventry Village are family-friendly neighborhoods close to Downtown Cleveland. With approximately 117 ethnic groups living in the Cleveland area, the city’s attractions and diversity beyond Downtown spread out into the neighborhoods. Locals quibble over East Side versus West Side living that’s divided by the Cuyahoga River but visitors won’t. To best see the neighborhoods requires a car, a map, and GPS, although some areas are serviced by public transportation. Coventry Village (East Side) Hometown America reigns on this one-quarter-mile main street with approximately 50 shops. Big Fun Toy Store shopkeeper Steve Presser

Pet Friendly Hotels Cleveland

Pet Friendly Hotels Cleveland Ohio

Travel With Pets to Cleveland Cleveland is a city in America’s Heartland that draws over nine million visitors annually. Pet-friendly hotels welcome the family dog or cat to travel along on vacation. Cleveland Ohio is a travel destination in the Midwest. Pet-friendly hotels welcome dogs and cats to travel along on vacation. Cleveland, Ohio is a great Midwestern City that stands where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie. Cleveland is a former industrial hub that has become successful at drawing tourism over the past several years. The city is America’s Heartland attracts more than nine million tourists annually. Cleveland attractions

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park – Chillicothe, Ohio

Once known as Mound City, the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park features ancient earthworks and a museum highlighting these mound builders. The Hopewell Culture National Historical Park celebrates the culture and lifestyle of these ancient Native Americans who lived throughout the Ohio River Valley region during the period from 200 BC to AD 500. The Hopewell Indians are known as “the mound builders” with good reason, as ceremonial mounds created by the Hopewell tribe dot Ohio and surrounding states. Hopewell Culture Mound City – Native American Site Located just north of Chillicothe on Ohio Route 104, the Hopewell Culture National

Villages of Northeast Ohio

Visit Towns & Villages of Northeast Ohio

Things to Do in Northeast Ohio – Towns & Villages Explore Small Town America in Northeast Ohio by taking a tour of the area’s towns and villages. Northeast Ohio is home to many attractive small towns and villages. These hidden gems, scattered throughout the area east of Cleveland, have not lost their old-fashioned charm and offer a unique experience to visitors who want to see a bit of what small-town life was like before the influx of malls, superstores, and urban sprawl. For those who wish to explore Small Town America in Northeast Ohio, here are some places to visit.

Cleveland West Side Market

Cleveland’s West Side Market – A Feast for the Senses

The West Side Market is a vibrant and lively Cleveland landmark that is home to a world of ethnically diverse food. The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest and largest independent market. The market, which will be celebrating its centenary in 2012, is home to hundreds of vendors selling everything from exotic spices and vegetables to pigs’ heads. People from all over the world come to visit this vibrant and lively Cleveland landmark. The History of the West Side Market The West Side Market began its life in 1840 as an open-air marketplace at the corner of West 25th and