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Slavic Village Neighborhood Guide – Cleveland

Broadway Slavic Village is reinventing itself. With a rich history, residents who value close connections to family and church and a number of attractive assets, its future is bright. Located in the heart of Cleveland, Broadway Slavic Village is an excellent place for young, active families to live near some of the best recreational activities the region has to offer. With convenient shopping and countless recreations options, there is no lack of amenities available. Residents can bike down the New Morgana Train to the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath trail, which runs for 20 miles into Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The many terrific school options include the dynamic Cleveland Central Catholic High School and charter, parochial and public elementary schools, including the highly successful Warner Girls Leadership Academy. Add in the abundant music programming for youth offered by Broadway School of Music, a strong business district and diverse area churches, and Broadway Slavic Village presents itself as a thriving, active community offering a great quality of life for families in search of a true neighborhood.

Broadway Slavic Village has a variety of housing options, from affordable, renovated, single-family homes to several large-scale development projects including the Mill Creek development, which has a 35-acre park and mile-long trail, and the Cloisters, featuring uniquely designed homes meant for today’s busy lifestyle.

Neighborhood Gem

Broadway Slavic Village has become a Mecca of music opportunities. From outdoor music concerts, Opera Circle and the diverse performances at Bohemian Hall, to CityMusic –– Cleveland’s free orchestral concert program held in, among other places, the beautiful Shrine Church of St. Stanislas –– residents have a multitude of musical options right in their backyard. Enjoy the summer and great music at the Warszawa Music Festival, a weekly outdoor summer music concert series in Dan Kane Park. CityMusic has added free music lessons and children’s orchestra programming to its four free concerts per year in Slavic Village.

Local Residents

“This neighborhood really is a hidden gem of culture that people in the city are not aware of. Leaders in the community knows that culture, art and music are essential to a growing, vibrant neighborhood. I’m glad that Slavic Village offers these great opportunities for all ages.”
– Meg Matuska

“We like living in Slavic Village because our neighborhood is very nice and peaceful. For us, it’s also convenient because it’s close to where we work, our favorite stores, and the school. We are especially grateful to Villa Montessori Center, where our daughter attends Pre-K.”
– The Diaz Family

Helping Hands

Slavic Village Development celebrates its past and embraces its future, supporting its historic churches and institutions — including Bohemian Hall and the Polish Cultural Center — and its ethnic restaurants. Two new athletic fields and a long list of recreational opportunities for kids energize and encourage a new focus on active lifestyles.

Community Project

Slavic Village Development is working on a $100,000 public art project for its three-mile Morgana Run Bike Trail, including an oversized 6,000-square-foot mural to be painted on a highly visible factory. The mural shows abstractly what one sees along the trail, including the waterfalls at Mill Creek, green space, housing and industry.

Fun Fact

Drive east on Broadway, turn right on Warner Road, and you will see it: A waterfall that stands more than 40 feet tall. In fact, Mill Creek Falls is the largest of its kind in Northeast Ohio.

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