North Shores Collinwood Neighborhood

North Shores Collinwood Neighborhood Guide – Cleveland

North Shores Collinwood is a diverse community located on the shores of Lake Erie. The neighborhood boasts fabulous restaurants, shopping and entertainment. The community also has two lake front state parks and one of the largest city parks. Currently, North Shores Collinwood is experiencing a significant resurgence as more and more visitors are attracted to the art and music happenings in the Waterloo Arts District. Plus, the area boasts the vibrant East 185th Street, which is more thean a mile of shopping and restaurants. Recent additions to the street include quality, independent restaurants, two new banks and a new pharmacy.

Neighborhood Gem

Clevelanders are lucky. Where else in the county can anyone find affordable lakefront housing? According to Brian Friedman, executive director of the Northeast Shores Development Corp., “People are moving here from other places, especially the suburbs, making their own lakefront dream homes. A huge number of young families have transplanted here from the Heights area. We’re also attracting a number of empty nesters.”

This, he says, is the only east side neighborhood that has houses with property going right up to the lake. Homeowners even have access to private parks for a nominal fee.

With three state parks and more linear feet of beach than anywhere else in Northeast Ohio, Collinwood also has a 33-acre city park, baseball diamond, outdoor pool, walking paths and bike trails connecting to the Euclid Creek Reservation. Plans for an indoor recreational center are in the works.

Helping Hands

North Shores Collinwood is a residential community offering housing at a choice of price points. The neighborhood features restaurants, specialty shopping, schools, along with arts and entertainment. Ethnic shopping along with hip new shops dot the area and attract shoppers. Northeast Shores operates to preserve a balanced and diverse area to raise a family.

Community Project

The Waterloo VIllage Model Block is currently underway to completely redevelop homes in the areas surrounding the Waterloo Arts District. These homes will maintain their historic charm while providing all the modern conveniences of a new building., and they were designed specifically for artists. Redeveloped homes include ample storage, plenty of natural light and ample room to encourage creativity.

“What a great and diverse neighborhood to own a home in. We got avery good deal on the home we were looking to buy. John grew up in Euclid and is familiar with the area.It is such a great convenience to live close to where he works.”
-Bonnie and John Polomsky

Fun Fact

Lake Erie is the neighborhood’s best-kept secret. The area boasts more linear feet of public beach than anywhere else in Northeast Ohio. Its parks offer boating, swimming, fishing, walking paths, bike trails, picnicking, playgrounds and beautiful sunsets. It was named one of “America’s Best Secret Neighborhoods” by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Parks and Recreation

Wildwood State Park
Lakeshore and East 174th
Marina with beaches and boat launch

Euclid Beach State Park
Lakeshore and East 158th
650 foot swimming beach and picnic area

Humphrey Sports Complex
Grovewood and East 161st
Basketball and Baseball

Neff Pool
Bella and East 193rd
Pools and Playgrounds

Mark Tromba Pool
pool and playground at Rudyard and Mandalay
R.J. Taylor Playground playground at Mellville and Nottingham

Shopping Districts

Waterloo Arts and Entertainment
Waterloo and East 156th
-Concert venue, specialty retail, and art galleries.

East 185th Street
East 185th and Neff Road
-Grocer, banks, restaurants and taverns.

Lakeshore Boulevard
Lakeshore and East 156th
-Grocer,Strip Center, fast food and Automotive.

Five Points Plaza
St. Clair ave., E. 152nd, and Ivanhoe

Top Dining Destinations

Muldoon’s Saloon-Irish
1020 East 185th

Chili Peppers-Mexican
869 East 185th

Grovewood Tavern-Wine Bar
17105 Grovewood

Morh’s Time Out-Sports Bar
17910 Lakeshore

Soul Beautiful-Soul Food
695 East 185th

Archie’s Bakery
14906 Lakeshore

Bistro 185
Ethnic and Multi-cultural
991 E. 185th

882 E 185th

1025 Ivanhoe

Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

Beachland Ballroom-Concert Venue
15711 Waterloo Road

Arts Collinwood-Art Gallery and Classes
15605 Waterloo Road

Waterloo 7 Gallery-Art Gallery
16006 Waterloo Road

Low Life Gallery-Art Gallery
16001 Waterloo Road

Upstage Players-Youth Drama
15335 Waterloo Road

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