Cleveland’s Buckeye District – Little Hungary

Buckeye-Shaker/Woodland Hills Neighborhood Guide – Cleveland

Once known as “LITTLE HUNGARY,” Cleveland’s Buckeye district had the largest Hungarian population outside of Hungary. Today, a new MetroHealth Buckeye Health Center serves this neighborhood. It has also been selected to participate in the Re$tore Cleveland Initiative. Day care centers, a strip mall and a record store are now enhanced by the addition of public art.

The Buckeye – Shaker neighborhood includes the old Buckeye, Larchmere, Woodland Hills, and Shaker Square areas. The historic shopping district and a rapid transit station that connects the city of Shaker Heights to downtown Cleveland serve as anchors.

It’s a destination for discerning shoppers looking for high-quality merchandise and personalized service, as well as anyone looking for a diverse selection of restaurants and movie theaters.

“I am very pleased with the Artpark and what Buckeye Area Development has been doing to develop the neighborhood. This is the symbol in the area that could be looked up to by other neighborhoods, especially during festival time. Having been to a number of festivals in many different areas, it made me feel proud of what we have. Artpark is a symbol of hope that got us thinking what else could be done to improve the quality of the neighborhood.” – Kenneth Cash

Neighborhood Gem

The Learning Campus located on East 116th Street and Shaker Boulevard is a unique model of a shared site project in the City of Cleveland. The Rice Branch Library and Harvey Rice School co-anchor the five-acre site. It is a $22 million investment in the community. The campus has not only achieved a welcoming entrance through Family Circle Art Plaza but also has special services offered jointly by the institutions. The library offers a home-work help center, GED instruction, computers and dedicated teen area.

The school has smart technology in every classroom, including 28 smart boards, 32 computers, accelerated reader and study island Web-based education aids that are available at school, home and library. The campus is part of a LEED ND pilot project and incorporates many sustainable features. Throughout the community engagement process, the response from the residents has been very exciting. Programming is in the works to create a learning garden on campus and the redevelopment effort of the RTA station at the intersection is underway.

Local Residents

“We looked at several developments but we chose this one because of all the things that are being planned for the area. A new library and school are being built right across the street, the old hospital building will be restored for senior housing and we might even have a café! There are lots of people that care about this community.”
— Thomas and Barbara Settle, Legacy at St. Luke’s Pointe

I am proud to be a 30-year resident of the neighborhood and happy to see all of the recent improvements, such as the new learning campus. People here look out for each other and really care about our community.”
– Helen Miller

Buckeye Shaker Helping Hands

Buckeye Area Development Corp. is one of the oldest community development corporations in the city. BADC has served the Buckeye and Woodland Hills neighborhoods with a major emphasis on housing and homeowner assistance, business development and community organizing.

Community Project

The corporation is renovating the Moreland Theatre into a multi-functional entertainment venue. Nearby will be Artisan Square, nine live/work townhouses with ground-floor retail space and rooftop terraces offering panoramic views of the city. New custom homes as well as modest starter homes make St. Luke’s Pointe a neighborhood of choice for diverse lifestyles. | (216) 491-8450

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