Cleveland Museum of Art


Overview of a Northeastern Ohio Premium Art Museum

The Cleveland Museum of Art in Northeastern Ohio is one of Cleveland’s finest museums. Free to the public, the institution holds 46,000 works of art.

Located in University Circle, a trendy area in Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Museum of Art has served as a great asset to the community since 1916. A popular destination in the region, the museum is free to the public and open Tuesday through Sunday. Aside from the permanent collection of 46,000 pieces of art, the museum also features exhibitions, lectures, performances, and education and research opportunities.

The Various Collections at the Museum

The Cleveland Museum of Art has several different collections which include Chinese Art, Modern European Art, African Art, European Painting and Sculpture, Textiles and Islamic Art, American Painting and Sculpture, Greek and Roman Art, Medieval Art and Art of the Ancient Americas and Oceania. Some of the artists featured at the museum include Salvador Dali, J. M. W. Turner, and Nicolas Poussin, among numerous others.

The Armor Court, an admired collection, is one of several utilized for teaching. The collection features pieces of armor and arms from Medieval Europe including helmets, weapons, and full body armor for a man and his horse. The gothic medieval art on top of the rich history make this collection a must-see and is exceptionally unforgettable. In addition, the Eastern Wing, which features modern and contemporary art, opened on June 27.

Traveling Exhibitions and Performances

Exhibitions have been a staple at the Cleveland Museum of Art. They feature all genres of art from postmodernism to contemporary, and works of art from all over the world. Past exhibitions include Monet to Dalí: Modern Masters from the Cleveland Museum of Art, Visions of Japan: Prints and Paintings from Cleveland Collections, and Faces of Impressionism: Portraits from American Collections.

The museum of art also features performances and lectures which often complement the works of art in the permanent collection or the exhibitions. The museum has gallery lectures, family events, and book clubs where books with artistic themes are studied. Also featured at the museum are performing arts, music, and films from cultures from all over the globe.

Education and Research

The Cleveland Museum of Art is also used for education and research. The museum boasts an extensive research library, which is the third-largest in the United States. The library is open to art researchers whether informal or professional. The educational opportunities at the museum include courses for adults as well as children. A museum is also a great place for field trips for schools, which students from any grade can benefit from.

Visiting The Cleveland Museum of Art is a Value and an Adventure

The Cleveland Museum of Art is free, which makes its availability incomparable to other art museums. The quality of the art inside the institution is high-quality, with each piece being intriguing. Every work of art in the museum has a story to tell, and a visit to the museum is a meaningful experience that is great for all ages.

Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106

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