Best Independent Coffee Shops in Cleveland

Coffee has become part of the morning routine for many of us, and some of us even like to keep the coffee flowing throughout the day. Whatever your preference, you know what a pick me up a good cup of coffee can be. Not only is coffee warm, aromatic, and delicious, it also gives us a great opportunity to sit down and take a few minutes for ourselves or to share our time while socializing with friends and family. It’s easy to fall into the habit of rushing out the door and running through the drive-through of a coffee chain such as Starbucks, but if you happen to have a little extra time or a desire for a truly great cup of coffee, consider visiting one of the local coffee shops in the local Cleveland area. Unlike the coffee chains, independent coffee shops serve up an inviting atmosphere that you just can’t find anywhere else. Here we take a look at nine independent coffee shops in Cleveland that you should really take the time to visit. Each of these shops offers something unique to the Cleveland area.

Gypsy Beans and Baking Company

Located at 6425 Detroit Avenue, Gypsy Beans and Baking Company serves up a great cup of Joe with their full-service coffee menu in addition to fabulous pastries and a Bistro menu. They offer several varieties of coffee roasts as well as other beverage choices, making this the perfect place to stop in and share a cup of coffee and perhaps a light lunch with a friend. Gypsy Beans has been a fixture along the Detroit-Shoreway for many years, and they even offer a catering option for their customers.

Pour Cleveland

Another of the newer local coffee shops, Pour Cleveland is located at 530 Euclid Avenue. This is a shop that uses multi-roasters and offers customers delicious pastries and sweets from other local shops such as Brewnuts and Cleveland Bagel Company. This coffee shop is hip and trendy and has a metropolitan ambiance about it. You can expect a clean, aesthetically pleasing environment and a friendly barista staff. The use of Counter Culture beans makes the coffee truly stand out at this place.

Arabica Coffee House

The Arabica Coffee House can be found in multiple locations in the Cleveland area, with the first shop opening in the Coventry location in the 1970s. Each shop is privately owned, and each one has its own distinct personality and ambiance. The Parma Heights location even features a Hookah Bar inside. The Arabica Coffee House is known for its specialty coffee concoction, the Arabica Buckeye. This is a delightful coffee drink with chocolaty peanut butter taste infused into a mocha style beverage.

Rising Star

Sometimes regarded as the “coolest” coffee shops in town, the Rising Star has two locations, one in Hingetown at the Ohio City Firehouse and another in Little Italy at Edgehill. Each cup of coffee is made to order and the most popular choices include the Pour Over, Aeropress, Espresso, and Latte. These coffee shops offer both unique brewing options and knowledgeable baristas. The shop motto is “Coffee pioneers in the rust belt”, and they certainly live up to the name.

Erie Island Coffee Company

Located at Rocky River and the Downtown area, Erie Island Coffee Company offers coffee lovers delicious locally-roasted coffees, mochas, and espressos. A light breakfast, lunch, and dessert menu offer something tasty to munch on while enjoying your coffee. Enjoy a bagel panini, fruit puree smoothie, or pastries that are baked locally. Visitors can expect a warm and friendly environment, along with a great cup of Joe.

The Root Cafe

Located at 15118 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, The Root Cafe offers both a vegan and vegetarian coffee shop menu, as well as items for those of us who eat meat. Great atmosphere and great coffee make this a great stop for coffee or breakfast and lunch. Some of the specialties include the Mexican Cocoa and the Dread Eye which features house coffee poured over a shot of espresso. Enjoy your food and beverages in a historical building with plenty of interesting architectural features. Much of the food they serve comes from local producers, making this a great way to give back to the Cleveland area by supporting local coffee shops and businesses.

Dewey’s Shaker Square

Located at 13201 Shaker Square in Shaker Heights, the Dewey’s Shaker Square location offers guests a charming atmosphere that includes a fireplace, as well as live entertainment on both Fridays and Saturdays. Whether looking for banana bread or cinnamon rolls for breakfast or perhaps an array of delicious lunch menu options, Dewey’s has it all. Dewey also serves “fair trade” coffee beverages so you can feel good about doing business here. This coffee shop is also a lifesaver if you have to need to provide coffee for a business meeting or social event. The 96-ounce coffee service for eight people, known as Java To Go, is offered on-demand, with no need to call in advance for it.

Fuel Coffee Bar

If you’re looking for all organic coffees, Fuel Coffee Bar, located at 12209 Mayfield Road in Cleveland’s Little Italy area is for you. A shabby-chic, hipster vibe abounds here, where you can choose from several varieties of award-winning coffees, or enjoy some made from scratch goodies from local businesses. Fuel serves baked goods from Luna Bakery and Cafe, as well as chocolate chip cookies from Corbo’s. Fuel even offers open mic night on Fridays, making this a great place to sit down and stay awhile. Enjoy the delicious coffee, food, and atmosphere while supporting local businesses.

Phoenix Coffee Company

The Phoenix Coffee Company can be found in several locations throughout the Cleveland area with the newest one being the Ohio City Coffee Bar. This is a local coffee chain as opposed to a national one such as Starbucks. This company is the main chain and coffee wholesaler in the Cleveland area, and they opt to often partner locally so you can feel good about supporting them. Patrons can enjoy regular coffees or toddies, French press, and espressos, or partake in some tasty treats from Bonbon Cafe. This company also participates in direct trade practices so products go directly from the farmers to the consumers.

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