Great Things to Do in Ohio

There are so many things to do in Ohio; it’s difficult to find a place to start. Ohio, home of the Pro Football and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is also known as the Buckeye State. It’s the place where electricity first lit an entire city (Cleveland) and the town where Thomas Edison developed the light bulb, the phonograph, and the earliest model of a motion picture camera.

Ohio is a land of heritage, history, and invention; so naturally, there are plenty of things to do here. Some of the best shopping in the country can be found in historic Terminal Tower in Cleveland, as well as the Museum of Art and the Great Lakes Science Center, where visitors learn about environmental issues. Or stroll the shopping attraction at West Side Market in Columbus, where outlet stores beckon bargain hunters year-round.

Great Outdoors

For those interested more in the great outdoors, Ohio boasts over 70 State Parks, forests, lakes, rivers, and wilderness areas that provide entertainment year-round. In the summertime, Mohican State Park, Hocking Hills State Park, or Hueston Woods State Park guarantees a good time whether you’re fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, or horseback riding. In winter, try your hand (or feet) at downhill skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating or cross-country skiing.

Akron Hiking

Canton, OH

Canton offers tourists the Football Hall of Fame, while Sandusky offers tourists of all ages one of the greatest (and one of the oldest) American amusement parks at Cedar Point. Cleveland hosts the Metroparks Zoo and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Akron, OH

Visit Akron, the “rubber capital of the world” or the birthplace of the Wright Brothers in Dayton. Did you know that Ohio was the birthplace of the great American hotdog? Or that it was the first city to use police cars? There’s a lot that people don’t know about the rich and interesting history of this great state, which also offers visitors and residents plenty of things to do in Ohio. After all, what more can you expect from a state that employs, “Hang On Sloopy” as its state rock song? Ohio is a fun, friendly, invigorating travel destination for millions of Americans every year. Native Ohioans are friendly and would love to show you around their state if you allow them to.

Akron Canton Things to do

Columbus, OH

Though ranked 34th in size of all the states, Ohio has a very big heart – and a very large population, especially around Columbus, where 50% of the U.S. lives (within a 500-mile radius)! From museums to festivals, from rock climbing to touring Perkins Observatory, there are so many things to do in Ohio that you may need to book your entire vacation here just to explore a small portion of what the state has to offer.

Columbus Arena Dining

Things to See in Ohio

Spring, summer, winter, or fall, there are always things to see in Ohio. Make a turn here, go past that valley there, and you’ll more than likely be surprised by the diversity and beauty of this Midwestern state tucked up against the south side of Lake Erie. It doesn’t matter if you like historical landmarks, out-of-the-way restaurants, or hot air ballooning – Ohio’s got something for everyone.

Ohio’s major cities are filled with exciting this to see and do, from art galleries to museums to botanical gardens, theatres, and movie houses. Outdoor lovers will love the Botanical gardens and arboretums located throughout the state. The Columbus Zoo and the Ohio Railway Museum always manage to enthrall the kids and adults too.

Central Ohio loves to have a good time, and from March through December, visitors can attend events and festivals from powwows to jazz fests to the Apple Butter Stirrin’ event. Summertime is especially fun, with Shakespeare in the Park events and Statehouse Ghost Tours. There’s plenty of things to see in Ohio – or not – depending on what type of ghosts you’re looking for!

Free Museums

There are lots of free museums located throughout Ohio as well, including but not limited to the Museum of Medical History, the Spirit of ’76 Museum, or for some laid-back fun, the Pencil Sharpener Museum or the Wyandot Popcorn Museum. Ohio is a state rich in history and famous residents, both past and present, and visitors as well as residents often visit the birthplaces of such famous Americans as President James A. Garfield or stand in the very same spot where Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married at Bromfield’s Malabar Farm.

Outdoor Adventure

Ohio offers plenty of outdoor adventure also, from water skiing in the summer to snowboarding in winter. Take a drive and enjoy the Mohican Fall Foliage Tour or enjoy a weekend getaway at Pine Lakes Lodge or take a drive through Amish Adams County. Though it comes as no surprise to Ohio residents, many visitors passing through are often amazed at the things to see in Ohio – and are captivated by the spirit of friendship and welcome that they find when they get there.

Family Fun

One of the best things to do when you’re in northern Ohio is to visit the Kalahari Water Park Resort in Sandusky, for water fun, spa treatments, fast-paced entertainment, and fine dining – located conveniently between Cleveland and Toledo, the Kalahari Convention Center is the place to visit if you’re in the area.

Cedar Point

For family-friendly fun or a romantic honeymoon, to the Cleveland Museum of Art or Cedar Point, famous roller coasters in Sandusky, Ohio has got your entertainment needs covered. There are lots of things to see and do in Ohio – come see for yourself.

Ohio Travel Tips

Traveling through or within Ohio provides plenty of opportunities to explore one of the most varied states in the country. From flatlands to forest, from the shores of Lake Erie to the shores of the Ohio River, Ohio offers well maintained Interstate Highways, State and Rural routes to take you anywhere you may wish to go.

Ohio is a land of ancient Indian Mounds and the President’s birthplaces. It’s a land of vibrant cities and quaint, quiet towns. It’s a place where an individual can find a wealth of outdoor adventure or education in any of its fine museums. When traveling in Ohio, it’s a good idea to find out about driving and road conditions before you leave home, especially during the winter months. State scenic routes may be closed for winter or under construction and repair during the summer, so plan ahead whenever possible and then check your route.

Hunting and fishing

For those planning on some hunting and fishing, check out the license and permit information as well as reports and prospects for finding that elusive deer or that granddaddy of all catfish. Ohio state travel resources also include wildlife area maps for outdoor hunting and recreational activities as well as publications regarding legal fishing areas and rivers.

Because Ohio is bordered by Lake Erie to the north and the Ohio River to the east and south, there are plenty of boating and water recreation opportunities for visitors and residents. Check with state resources to find the best in Ohio water trails, canals and ask for boating rules and regulations for various destinations.

Hiking & Biking

If you want to hike or bike your way through some of Ohio’s most beautiful counties, check with state travel resources for bikeways and hiking trails, as well as geographical information to be found regarding her dozens of State Parks. Visitors may also find information regarding natural areas, preserves, and parks throughout the state, as well as schedules of events in any number of them throughout the year.

Historical Sites

Ohio state travel information doesn’t stop there. Find things to do and see in the great Buckeye State – request free maps and camping information. Find out where historical sites are located and travel Ohio’s diverse byways and points of interest. Find the best golf courses the state has to offer, as well as fine dining and accommodations. Schedule a visit and tour of the Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden – information regarding limitless things to do and see can be found on an Ohio state travel site or book.

There are so many things to do in Ohio it would be impossible to experience them all at once, but gather and collect information about travel within the state in order to plan one of the best vacations you ever imagined.

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